Library is the centre of teaching learning process in the Vidyalaya. Library supplements and complements the academic activities. It is an integral part of instructional programme in the Vidyalaya. It helps to instill in students the qualities and characteristics necessary for self-learning, self-directed learning and life long learning leading to the creation of learning society which learns how to learn.

Proposed Activities:

1.        A minimum of two books will be issued to every student on a fortnightly basis.

2.        Model book reviews will be presented in the school assembly.

3.        Every student will be encouraged to prepare book reviews on every book they read.

4.        The house libraries and class libraries will be strengthened by adding to the collection.

5.        50 copies of The New Indian Express will be subscribed for children at subsidized rates.

6.        The number of periodical collection will be increased.

7.        The National Book week from November 14th to 20th will be observed with a variety of programmes.

8.        More career guidance classes will be conducted for class XI and XII.

9.        More brochures and pamphlets on careers will be collected.

10.    Quiz on current awareness will be conducted in the morning assembly.