Our Principal



Sarojini Naidu, the nightingale of India once sang,

“I bring for you, aglint with dew, a lovely little dream”.

Yes, mankind’s relentless march towards perfection, however elusive that may be, bears testimony to the fact that every achievement, every path breaking breakthrough starts with a dream. As the designers and custodians of the futures of the children under our care, it is our religion to sow the seeds of these dreams, nurture them and inspire the children towards realizing their dreams. Now, shaping lives and realizing dreams is not sorcery that we just have to wish for something, for it to happen. Far from wielding the magic wand successful educational systems meticulously chalk out institutional plans to achieve their goals.

A comprehensive institutional plan allows each of the executives and stakeholders to have a clear vision of the objectives and so motivates him to adhere to the plan in the spirit. The JNV Alleppey's institutional plan for the academic session 2016-17 will strive to harness the vast reservoir of good will from the community and potential in the students, the dedicated team united in the strive for excellence , a congenial work environment and co-operative parents, towards facing every challenge and overcoming every obstacle and taking another confident step towards the set goal.

I sincerely believe this plan, besides inculcating the virtues of discipline, determination and devotion to excellence, will be flexible enough to explore the adage that winners do not do different things but do them differently. According to T.S. Eliot, the poet’s mind is a receptacle of rainbow experiences and also acts as a catalyst to urge the experiences into a fusion of poetic expression, similarly we at JNV ALLEPPEY aim at making our school the receptacle, the institutional plan will be the catalyst to fuse the different arenas of human endeavour and each child will be an expression of exquisite poetry. Towards this end we are pledged to implementing in spirit and letter the CCE programme devised by the NCERT.

Within the short time since its inception, JNV Alleppey has achieved much in different fields of human endeavour. Our students have given stellar performances in different state, regional and national cultural and sporting meets and science congress and we have confidence that academic achievements will also match in brilliance, but we cannot rest on our laurels. There will always be miles to go and we can never rest. The competition will always be within us to fuel our thirst for perfection.

The bench Mark set for the year is A1 grades in all subjects by all Students in X class and Distinction for all Students in XII class


With sincere regards and best wishes,

P. Vickraman Nair


Where the world is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free…

Where tireless striving stretches its arms

Towards perfection…

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

-Rabindranath Tagore